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Capsa Online Basics Rules

  • December 10, 2020

In traditional Capsa Online the general rule is to discard one card face up from each hand and one card face down. This rule causes much confusion and players often forget or miss the opportunity to get rid of a card. One common example is when a player discards two cards and then looks at his stack. Most people are lead to believe they have two cards left but in reality they only have one.

After you have dealt out fourteen cards the game is opened and play begins. This is where most new players lose their footing. When playing with fourteen cards in your stack may not be as strong as you thought and you can easily fall behind. However, it does not take long before you are able to catch up and make a respectable showing.

Open Face Capsa Online Rules

In the Open Face Chinese Poker Rules the player who discarded two cards first is deemed the first to go. Once the first player goes all the way, the other players immediately discard their top five cards. The player with the strongest five cards at this point is the last to go. Once the last player goes, it is now time for the blinds to be dealt out. The players are provided with two cards to play with. The two cards are placed face up on the table in front of them.

The two cards are not held by the players at this time but are kept in a concealed pile. Once the cards are dealt out to the players, each player is faced with the decision of whether to stay in the same position or to move up to another pot. If a player decides to move up and is out of the current pot then the other players that are in the same pot are required to switch places. For instance, if a player is in the top four but out of the two card table then they must either stay in the same spot or move to the second table.


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