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Online Gambling Bots – Are They Good?

  • March 10, 2021

There are many different types of online gambling bots that can be used on gambling sites. One of the most popular is the program which rolls all of a player’s winnings into a single big jackpot, so that the person who wins only has to bet the amount of money that they won. This is considered to be fair, since the odds of such a win are astronomical. Another popular bot is one which lets the user on the outcome of a game. Again, this is considered to be fairly valid, because the odds of a player winning a single game are astronomical too.

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Still, it is possible to use bots on internet gambling sites which run legitimate games. For example, it is very common for online poker rooms to use automated programs that play on their behalf. These bots do not usually win, but they do play. Also, the use of programs which roll the odds is legal.

But what about all of the internet sites that claim that they do not use bots? The fact is that they are still using them. In some cases, an individual player may have a perfectly good program which is programmed by experts and which is playing on the computer screen. However, when that player starts up a gambling site and begins to roll the numbers, they may be unknowingly betting on something which is not going to happen!

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The question “Is gambling bots illegal?” is a difficult one to answer. It depends a great deal on the intent of the person using it. If it is simply to make a profit, and they know the program inside and out, then it would not be illegal. If someone is running a legitimate website that allows players to wager real money on an actual casino table, then they might find it somewhat unethical to allow a program to run on the site. It is ultimately up to the player to make sure that they are never knowingly betting money on something which is not going to happen.


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